The Institute of Tax Administration (ITA) is an integral part of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). The history of ITA dates back to the era of the former East Africa Community (EAC) that collapsed in 1977, with the idea to establish ITA as an offshoot of the then Mombasa Customs Training Centre to train customs officials. With the collapse of the EAC, the Government of Tanzania made, in 1982, a strategic decision to establish ITA as a training center not only for customs but also tax officials from the then other two tax departments under the Ministry of Finance. ITA currently operates as a training wing of the Tanzania Revenue Authority. Over the years it has been providing a substantial part of the TRA’s local short-term training requirements as well as some specialized long-term training courses.


ITA is a registered higher learning institution under the provisions of the National Council for Technical Education Act (No. 9) of 1997 with a mandate uniquely focused on improving the practice of customs and taxation through training, research and consultancy. Since its registration in 2007, ITA has been striving to be at the forefront in delivering outcome-based training for current and future customs and tax practitioners. ITA’s strategy is to build on this foundation and achieve international recognition as one of the top customs and tax management training institutions in the world. This follows from our belief that world-class tax systems need a globally-recognized customs and tax management education partner.

The Institute offers several regular long-term programs in customs and tax management leading to certificate, ordinary diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate awards. The Institute also conducts short-term training programs and confers awards to eligible trainees. For all examinable programs the Institute confers its Proficiency Certificates/Diploma for trainees who meet criteria set under the ITA Examination Regulations, 2009 (as revised in 2013) or standards set by the National Council for Technical Education as the case may be. In addition, there are two other programs offered by the Institute, which are examinable by respective professional bodies.

In November 2007, the Institute entered into a tripartite arrangement with the University of Muenster, Germany and the University of Dar es Salaam for collaboration in training research and other capacity building initiatives. It is under this arrangement that the Institute is hosting a professional Master of Arts (Revenue Law and Administration) Degree program.

ITA’s programs offer a unique blend of theoretical classroom training and real life customs and taxation experiences. ITA programs are designed to address the competence needs of customs and tax practitioners at different stages of their careers. ITA has well qualified staff and adequate facilities to support its core functions of training, research and consultancy in the areas of taxation, customs and related fields.

ITA has expedient learning facilities which are well maintained and whenever possible upgraded to world-class status in line with Tanzania Revenue Authority quality commitments as per ISO 9001:2008 standards.

On the international scene, the Institute is an affiliate of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU) in order to further its course as a world-renowned customs education, training and research institution. The INCU provides the world Customs Organization (WCO), Governments, other Organizations and the Private Sector with a single point of contact with universities and other training and research institutions that are active in the field of Customs.

ITA has partnership with various countries in the region through which ITA trains staff of the Revenue Authorities of Botswana, Malawi, and Republic of South Sudan in various long-term programs.