Entry qualifications

Entry into BCTM can be either direct from A level education or by holding a Diploma level education. Candidate with A level education is required to have two principle passes in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History, English, Economics, Commerce, and Accountancy.  For Diploma holder candidate the entry requirement into BCTM is Lower Second Class at NTA level 6 (Diploma)  in Customs and Tax Management, Teaching Education with business or science subjects, Accounts, Business Administration, law, logistic and supply chain, clearing and freight forwarding and tax management,  Computer Science, Cooperative Management, Marketing, provided that an applicant has a GPA above 3.0 at NTA 6 and at least four (4) satisfactory passes at CSEE including a pass  in Mathematics or English.

Admission Process

The BCTM programme is recognized by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). The admission procedures follow the TCU guidelines available in TCU website (www.tcu.go.tz) or in the admission guidebook published by TCU. Application, selection and admission into BCTM is managed by TCU through the Central Admission System (CAS) and all relevant information on admission process is available on CAS website (www.cas.go.tz). Call for application into the programme is placed on news papers and on ITA website in mid-April every year.