Collaborative Master of Arts in Revenue Law and Administration (MA.RLA)


The program is hosted at ITA and offered as a University of Dar es Salaam Degree programme which is run in collaboration between the Institute of Tax Administration, University of Dar es Salaam Faculty of Law, and Germany’s Muenster University Faculty of Law. This programme is offered as full-time (one year) and part-time (two years). Minimum entry requirements is a Second class Bachelor Degree in taxation, accounting, economics, law or any business

related equivalent qualification


Application Procedures


Admission requirements differ by program and are specified under each programme. However there are general regulations that govern all admissions into the Institute’s programme. These include:


Application: Application forms can be obtained from the Institute campus located at Mikocheni B Light Industrial Area or may be sent directly to the applicant upon request, but only where the applicant meets the required admission qualifications.

The dully filed in forms must reach the Institute not later than the date indicated on the advertisement calling for applications to join the particular program.


Only applicants who meet the required minimum entry qualification should submit the application forms. Forms from applicants who do not meet the entry qualifications will not be processed and the application fee shall not be refunded.


    Offense: It is an offense to submit false information when applying for admission. Applicants who will be discovered to have submitted forged certificates or any other false information will not be considered for admission and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.


   Registration: Successful applicants will be registered only after they have paid the requisite fees as per the Institute’s requirements


   Fees: Fees paid shall not be refunded unless otherwise provided for under the Institute’s Refund Policy. For more information about fees structure click here.


    Postponement: Students may be allowed to postpone their studies for a maximum of one year. No student will be allowed to postpone studies after effective commencement of training programs except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies will be considered after producing satisfactory evidence of the reasons for postponement and written approval from the sponsor. Special circumstances shall include sickness, serious social problems (each case shall be considered on its own merits), and severe financial problems.


   Change of Name (s): No change of name(s) by any student will be entertained during the course of study at the Institute. A student will therefore use the same names appearing on their certificates submitted at the time of admission.


 International Students


 Application information


ITA has established partnership and network with Revenue Authorities in the region through which it enjoys an international mix of students enrolled. ITA welcomes students from foreign countries. Special arrangements are available for international students to support their application processes and smooth take-off of their studies and life in Tanzania. Interested prospective students from foreign countries may apply directly for admission into ITA programs by downloading and submitting application forms with required documents. Application forms can be downloaded through the links below.


Apart from the general application procedures and regulations admission of international students into ITA programs is subject to evaluation of their certificates and other awards to determine their equivalency with minimum qualifications for entry into ITA programs. Tertiary qualifications are evaluated by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), and Secondary School awards are evaluated by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA).

Prospective students are advised to contact the respective Institutions for evaluation of their previous awards if they are obtained outside Tanzania. For students recommended by partner institutions the institute will arrange for evaluation of their credentials.