Being a higher learning institution, ITA promulgates consultancy as one of three pillars namely; training, research and consultancy. The Institute offers a wide range of consultancy services in areas customs, taxation and related fields for improving delivery of customs and taxation services, improved taxpayer compliance and revenue collection. The consultancy activities of the institute are guided by the ITA Research and Consultancy Policy 2012.

The Institute is one of the dependable consultancy providers in the areas of customs and taxation in the East and Southern Africa region. The Institute has forged MoUs with revenue administrations, local governments and other governmental institutions in the region through which it provides capacity building of staff, improve revenue administration systems and research.

Among the consultancy projects implemented recently by the Institute include:

  • Capacity building of three States of South Sudan Republic on tax policy and administration
  • Capacity building of Ministry of Finance and Commerce of South Sudan Republic
  • Capacity building through training of staff of Botswana Unified Revenue Service
  • Training on taxation of International Hotels, Botswana Unified Revenue Service
  • Development of Revenue Administration database for South Sudan Revenue Authority
  • Capacity building on revenue forecasting and fiscal to staff of Zanzibar Revenue Board
  • Study on developing compliance model and strategy for widening tax base and enhancing voluntary tax compliance by engaging the informal sector in Zanzibar
  • Capacity building of local government tax administrators in Tanzania
  • Studies on local government taxation in various local government authorities in Tanzania
  • Capacity building of staff of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Capacity building of Members of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania

The Institute offers to provide consultancy services to a wide range of stakeholders on demand. The Institute has well-qualified staff who are actively involved in provision of consultancy services.