ITA LIBRARY RULES, 2007



                         ITA LIBRARY RULES, 2007



1.0     Preliminary Matters

1.1     These Rules shall be cited as the Institute’s Library Rules, 2007 and shall come into force upon approval by the Council.

1.2     When using these Rules, unless otherwise defined, the following terms have the meaning assigned to them under this section.

Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy refers to the Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy of the Institute or any other person acting on behalf of the Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy,

Academic Staff, refers to a member of the ITA staff who is engaged in teaching/research.

Council refers to the Governing Council of the Institute,

Institute refers to the Institute of Tax Administration,

Librarian refers to any person in charge of the library or any other person acting on behalf of the person in charge of the Library,

Library refers to the library of the Institute,

Library Committee refers to the organ established under section 6.1 for the purpose of overseeing the provision of library services at the Institute.

Library materials refer to books, journals, periodicals, DC-ROMs, Magnetic tapes and any other material, electronic or otherwise whose use is subject to these Rules,

Members of the Institute refers to Council Members, members of staff of the Institute, students of the Institute and all TRA staff,

Plagiarism refers to using intentionally or unintentionally others’ ideas without clearly acknowledging the source of such ideas,

Rector refers to the Rector of the Institute and includes any officer acting on behalf of the Rector of the Institute.





2.0     Opening Hours

2.1     The Library will open from 08:30 hours to 2200 hours on working days and from 0900 hours to 1300 hours on weekend and public holidays.

2.2     Library opening hours may be changed subject to approval by the Library Committee provided that the Library users are informed of the changes in advance.


3.0     Registration as a Library user

3.1     No person shall enjoy the privilege of borrowing until he has filled in the Registration Form and has been issued with a Library Membership Card.

3.2     Issuance of the Library Membership Card will be free of charge but a replacement cost will be charged at a rate set by the Library Committee.

3.3     These rules shall be provided to an applicant for the library membership card and the act of filling the registration form will signify that the applicant pledges to abide by them.

3.4     Upon recommendation by the librarian, the library committee shall have the right to deregister any person owing to persistent disregard of these rules, or for any other adequate cause that shall be considered inconsistent with these rules.

3.5 Library User Charges

Non-members shall be required to pay users fees as per the following schedule:

Between 1 day and 1 month: TZS 20,000/=

Between 1 and two months: TZS 40,000/=

Between 1 to 6 months : TZS 120,000

One Year TZS 200,000/=

4.0     Reading in the Library

4.1     All members of the institute shall be entitled to use the library as readers.

4.2     No person who is not a member of the institute shall be allowed to use the library unless the Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy has given approval.


5.0     Borrowing of Library Materials

5.1     Any member of the Institute who has registered himself as a library user shall, upon presentation of his library membership card, have the right to borrow library materials.

5.2     Library materials shall not be removed from the library until they have been officially issued to the borrower at the issue desk.

5.3     For all borrowers, except in the case of certain items designated by the library committee, the maximum borrowing period shall be twenty one days in the case of ITA academic staff and seven days in all other cases.

5.4     The librarian shall reserve the right, subject to approval by the library committee, to prohibit or restrict the borrowing of specified library materials.

5.5     Re-shelving of library materials taken from the shelves by readers shall be the responsibility of the Librarian and readers are required leave the materials on the table.

5.6     The borrower in whose name library material is withdrawn shall be solely responsible for returning it.

5.7     Failure to return library materials by the due date shall attract a fine of TZS. 1,000 per each item borrowed per each day after the due date until the item is returned.

5.8     If the item remains unreturned one week after the due date, a final reminder notice will be issued to the borrower.  During this period, clause 5.7 will also apply.

5.9     Provisions 5.7 and 5.8 notwithstanding, library materials that remain unreturned a week after the reminder notice has been issued will be assumed to have been lost and rule 8.2 will immediately apply.

5.10   Materials may be reserved for borrowing provided they will be returned to the shelves if not claimed within three days.

5.11   In the case of a finalist student who has not returned borrowed materials, the Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy will withhold his/her examination and statement of results and transcripts until the a returned items have been recovered or the amount due to the library in fines, the value of the materials and penalty have been paid by the student.

5.12   The librarian shall reserve the right to recall any library materials before the date on which it is due and when such is the case the date specified by the librarian shall be considered as the due date for returning the library material in question.


6.0     Library Committee

6.1   There shall be established a library committee to oversee and coordinate the proper functioning of the library for the benefit of all library users.



Deputy Rector for Academic, Research and Consultancy



At least three academic staff members appointed by the Rector who are Heads of Academic Department or similar standing



Head of Library Services



6.3  The Library Committee shall be responsible for setting operational procedures necessary to enforce these rules and for overseeing implementation of the same including setting appropriate fines and penalties for non-adherence.


7.0     Disciplinary Matters

7.1     Silence must be observed in the library by all library users at all times.

7.2     Smoking and the use of matches or open light in any part of the library is strictly prohibited.

7.3     No dispatch case/wallet of over 8” by 5” in size or attached case is allowed into the library.  All these things must be deposited at the counter in return for a control card, which must be presented to retrieve the deposited materials on leaving the library.

7.4     Readers must dress and behave in a manner that will not cause offence, damage or inconvenience to other users.  For example, the removal of shirts, the placing of feet on furniture, the wearing of noise-making shoes and the use of mobile phones is an offence.

7.5     All library users should show all materials in their possession at the control desk or counter on leaving the library as a precaution against illegal removal of the books from the library. If necessary, the librarian may search any user.

7.6     In the event that a user is found in possession of library materials, which have not been borrowed in accordance with these rules, that particular user shall be detained in the library and the incident shall immediately be reported to the Rector.

7.7     Bottles of ink, food, including all types of drinks and fruits, shall not be brought into the library.


8.0     Damage and Loss of Library Materials

8.1     Readers or borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to library materials while in their charge, and will be required to bear the full cost of such damage.

8.2     Library materials that are lost or missing shall be replaced at the borrower’s expense including overdue fines and any penalties set by the library committee.

8.3     Theft or mutilation of library materials shall be punishable in accordance with Student Bylaws in case of library users who are students, and in accordance with the laws of the land, in accordance with other users. 

9.0     Unethical Library Use

9.1     Users of the library are obliged to be familiar with rules against plagiarism and must avoid it at all times.

9.2   Plagiarism shall be dealt with in the same manner as any other case of academic dishonesty.