Ordinary Diploma in Customs and Tax Management (DCTM)

The DCTM is competence-based programme developed in accordance with NACTE requirements. It focuses to facilitate students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for holders of this qualification to perform as customs and tax technicians who will work flexibly at different work places.

Duration of the Programme

The programme duration is two years (24 months). 

Programme Structure

The programme comprises of two NTA levels (NTA 5 and NTA 6) with each NTA level consisting of two semesters of seventeen (17) weeks inclusive of two (2) weeks for examinations. The NTA level 5 programme culminates in a guided field practicum of eight weeks after the end of second semester examination. The programme comprises a total of 28 modules (13 at NTA 5 and 15 at NTA 6) with a total of 244 credits.

Programme Modules Ordinary Diploma in Customs and Tax Management (DCTM)

Modules for NTA Level 5

Semester 1


Semester 2






GST 05101

Basic Communication  Skills


CST 05207

Basic Freight Logistics

GST 05102

Elements of Business Law


GST 05208

Basic Data Processing

GST 05103

Basic Business Mathematics


CST 05209

Trade Facilitation in Customs

CST 05104

Introduction to Customs


TST 05210

Introduction to Income Taxes

TST 05105

Book-keeping and Accounts


TST 05211

Introduction to VAT and other indirect Laws

GST 05106

Introduction to Economics


TST 05212

Principles of Accounting for Specialise Entities and Items


GST 05213

Elements of Development Studies


Modules for NTA Level 6

Semester 1


Semester 2






TST 06101

Principles of Income Tax


TST 06209

Fundamentals of Tax Accounting

GST 06102

Principles of Auditing


TST 06210

Fundamentals of Tax Audit

GST 06103

Principles of Management


GST 06211

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

CST 06104

Principles of Tariff Classification


CST  06212

Principles of Customs Valuation and Rules of Origin

CST 06105

Customs Enforcement and Management


GST  06213

Fundamentals of Business mathematics and Statistics

GST 06106

Fundamentals of Information Systems


TST 06214

Introduction to Local Government Taxation

TST 06107

Principles of Tax Administration and Ethics


CST 06215

Freight  Logistics Management

GST 06108