Welfare Services

On-campus meals

The Institute has on-campus cafeteria which serves meals and refreshments to students. The cafeteria has the capacity of 200 seats. On-campus meals served include breakfast, ten o’clock tea/coffee, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, supper, and mineral water. Students pay for cafeteria services which are subsidized to reflect students’ affordability. The office of student affairs provides quality assurance of cafeteria services.


Health care

The Institute supports students’ access to quality medical services. Upon registration students are required to have medical cover. The Institute has agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to provide medical insurance for students at a fee to be prescribed by NHIF.


Counseling and Guidance

The Institute provides counseling and guidance services to students. Students with counseling and guidance needs are advised to visit the offices of student affairs for services


 Recreation, Sports and Games

The institute recognizes the importance of extra-curricular activities in students’ learning environment. The Institute has designated on-campus recreation, sports and games facilities for students and staff.

Available facilities include: 

  • Sports ground
  • State of the art gymnasium which has qualified sports trainer
  • In door games e.g. pool tables
  • Recreation hall with a capacity of 50 persons at a time
  • All rooms and recreation facilities are furnished with televisions connected to Digital Media Services.

The Institute also organizes sports bonanza and facilitate students’ participation in various sports competitions with nearby academic institutions.