On-campus meals

All meals will be served in the cafeteria at designated times or at other places and at other times as may be determined by the Management of the Institutethus students are prohibited to cook in the Halls of Residence.

For on-campus residents meals served include breakfast, ten o’clock tea/coffee, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, supper and mineral water. The cost for meals is 20,000 or US$ 20 per day.

Health care

All students are required to have medical cover through health insurance or employers. Therefore each student must provide proof of such medical covers before registration. The Institute has agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to provide medical insurance for students. So local students who do not have medical cover as required to pay annual NHIF fee of Tanzania shillings 50,000/=.

There is no medical facilities on-campus. Therefore students are urged to make their own arrangements to attend hospitals designated by their employers or insurance providers. Only cases of emergency may be assisted by the Institute.



The campus good recreation facilities which are open to all staff and staff members. Recreation facilities are open from 1700 hours to midnight.



The campus has a gymnasium with modern facilities. The gymnasium is located at new Faculty Building ground floor. The gymnasium has a capacity of 20 persons at a time. The gymnasium is open from 1700 hours to 2000 hours.

Currently there is no physical trainer at the institute hence students conduct exercises on their own. Students are urged to seek assistance and guidance from the student’s affairs on how to access and use the gym facilities.


Sports and games

The campus has sports grounds for students. During students bonanza the Institute hires sports facilities from nearby Institutions. Organized transport is provided by ITASO during such events.


Computing and Wi-Fi

The Institute has three computer labs with modern computing facilities. Additional computing facilities are located at the library. All computers are fully loaded with important software and web browsing. Students in the campus have also access to Wi-Fi all round and in recreation areas and some classrooms there is connectivity through LAN as well.


Recreation and all rooms in dormitories in campus are facilitated with TVs which are connected to DSTV all time. This exudes more conform and relaxation to students after long hours of study.