Living on and off campus

The Institute environment and facilities are maintained to the standard that offers convenient learning atmosphere in line with the Institutes commitment to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

On campus life is guided by By-Laws provisions related to residence.

Allocation of accommodation

The Institute has limited on-campus accommodation facilities. Priority is given to TRA staff on short courses, staff on long courses, foreign students, students with confirmed disability, and first year students from outside Dar es Salaam.

On-campus accommodation fees

Accommodation fee is paid upon confirmed allocation of hostel room from relevant authorities.

The following are the applicable on campus accommodation fees (per semester)

  • Single occupant room: 720,000 for Tanzanians or US $ 1000 for Non-Tanzanian students.
  • Double occupant rooms: 500,000 per occupant Tanzanians or US $ 720 for Non- Tanzanians students.

Living Off campus

The Institute supports students staying off campus through organized arrangement with nearby hostels. Interested students can be booked accommodation upon request through the student affairs office. Students living off campus have access to all other campus facilities.